We sat down with Farshad (graduate of Winter Scarf ’15 which ran at The Lincoln) to find out why he did the program and what he’s been up to since.


Why did you want to do Scarf?

I was looking for my first job in Australia but I didn’t have any work experience here. I saw Scarf’s training plan that was covering lots of area in hospitality (FOH, coffee, wine, Responsible Service of Alcohol) and I got really interested and excited.

How did Scarf help your confidence and be ready to find a job?

There might be lots of hospitality courses, but the things that make Scarf unique is you get lots of training by very professional and qualified people in hospitality, you will get the chance to serve real customers (though you don’t have any experience before). Meanwhile they are lots of experienced mentors that will help you and watching you and sharing their experience and teaching you what to do in any situation that might happen during the service and you also get paid for the hours that you worked. When you pass those training and also having the support of an experienced mentor, you are more qualified than before starting Scarf and that will help you with being more confident when you apply for a job for the first time. And you really need that support because you already facing some barrier of language and lack of experience and different culture and environment.

What have you done since graduating from Scarf?

After Scarf, I started working part time at Bibendum Wine Co. and Top Paddock. People in both places were really nice, helpful and supportive. I had the chance to have some work experience at Mesa Verde and Eau De Vie with Scarf’s ‘Do More Than Drink’ campaign. I also worked at Scarf’s ‘Do More Than Dine’ fundraising dinner at Cumulus Inc in 2016. I worked for almost two years at Bibendum and after getting lots of wine buying recommendations by Bibendum’s sales reps and having the opportunity to try lots of outstanding wines, I got interested in wine and decided to sign up for a WSET course, Level 2 at Prince Wine Store in August this year.    

Where are you working now and what do you hope to be doing in two years?

In July this year, I started working full time at Maha in the city. Currently I’m working on the pass and as a food runner. My goal is to become a sommelier.

What is your advice to current and future Scarf trainees?

Knowing what a great opportunity you have being at Scarf and take the most out of it.


Photo: Gareth Sobey.