We are about to begin building our team for Spring Scarf 2012! To start with, we’re recruiting volunteer front-of-house mentors to work with the trainees during the program. If you’re currently working in hospitality in Melbourne, and keen to get involved in mentoring young people who are facing barriers to training and work, then volunteering with Scarf might be right up your alley.

To apply, please email Kim – kim@scarfcommunity.org.

Winter Scarf 2012 team



  • Induction session – date to be confirmed
  • Scarf Dinners – every Monday from October 1st until December 4th from approximately 5.00pm – 11.00pm

Skills and Experience


  • Strong Front of House hospitality experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Currently working in hospitality in Melbourne


  • Restaurant supervision
  • Formal dining experience

Personal Attributes


  • Committed and reliable
  • Patient
  • Enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds


  • Interest in social enterprise
  • Interest in social justice issues

Mentor Duties

  • Running a restaurant section
  • One-on-one trainee mentoring
  • Engaging in trainee goal-setting and skill development

Benefits of mentoring at Scarf

  • Experience in mentoring and supervision
  • Networking with like-minded people from hospitality industry and social sector
  • Working with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Opportunity to engage in training and develop professional skills


Mark and Hafso set the dining room – Winter Scarf 2012


Words from past Scarf mentors

Mark – Front of House mentor, Winter Scarf 2012

“I think the trainees in the program come out a lot richer for the experience gained from Scarf and have a much stronger leg to push off from to leap into the world of hospitality. Nothing is hidden from them and they are shown that it is hard work but the rewards are grand.

We all started out from stage one and worked to where we are now and it is a great feeling to help young people come out of their shell and show their personality. Going through what seems easy to me and taking the time and patience to teach some one who does not have those skills is richly rewarding. The heartfelt thanks you get from them at the end of it all… you see it in their eyes. It is very rewarding.”

Eilidh – Front of House mentor, Autumn Scarf 2011

“During service you are working with a trainee whilst monitoring and making sure everything is being done correctly. We are on hand to answer any questions, and trainees often like to be sure that they are doing things right so will ask a lot.  It takes a while to get from practice to automatic! The role is really fun.  It’s a lot of responsibility, and it challenges you to learn about yourself and the industry as well as the trainees.”

Who are the Scarf trainees?

Scarf trainees have included young people from a refugee background, new migrants, asylum seekers and young Australians who are facing barriers to employment. Scarf is a safe learning space for young people and an opportunity for them to gain the skills and connections required to move into employment in Melbourne hospitality.

Jorden  – Front of House trainee, Spring Scarf 2011

“I always wanted to get a job in hospitality industry but given my lack of any work experience and skills I always ended up not getting the job. Scarf has done everything for me to make me “Job Ready” person. My 10 weeks with Scarf was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Working with such wonderful people and great mentors helped me gain the confidence in hospitality as well as in my daily life. This has been greatly influence by how I interact with the customers. Working with mentors was great fun and wonderful experience. When something goes wrong while serving a customer my mentor would quickly help me out and explain me how to do it correctly.”